Monday, 9 June 2008

Where are you tired?

Insofar as my health is concerned, sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have bad days and mstly I have days that are in-between. Today started off as a bad day and I've only just begun to feel human. Nstead of being up at 5 a.m. I've just emerged at 11 a.m. Mind you, with 300mg of Tramadol in my system I should feel super-human! As result I missed out on going into town and exploring the library while GB had a long dental appointment. I also missed out on coffee with GB and Pat in the Woodlands. Annoying and very frustrating. That is one of the key things about bad health that is, intermittently, really grotty health - frustration. One has such difficulty planning.
I was terrified that I would have a bad day on Bryony and Mark's wedding day. Many Dad's would have worried about standing up and giving a speech. Having spent a lifetime of talking to Councillors in Committee the speech bit didn't worry me much but the standing up bit was of great concern!
The other big frustration is being asked "Where does it hurt?" I have constant pain and when I'm "bad" the pain is usually worse. But all too often it is difficult to say where the pain is. I have tried to explain this concept a few times and eventually gave up but I've just thought of a new comparison. Imagine you are very, very tired. If someone asked "Where are you tired?" would you be able to answer?

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  1. While I might not have said it at the time the speech at the wedding was great, and you didn't look as if you were having problems standing up.


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