Thursday, 19 June 2008

Estate agent-speak

When we got on the ferry at Stornoway on Tuesday morning we had the usual "welcome aboard" announcements. The captain (or whoever the voice belonged to) suggested that in the light of the weather (wet and pretty breezy) the crossing would be "Not too bad".

"Ugh", I thought. Previously all the crossings I can recall have been described as fair or good or pretty smooth (even when they weren't). The prospect of "not too bad" was a bit worrying - was this estate agent-speak for "really sea-sick making"?

This was the view from our window in the middle of the Minch.

There were a few big jolts as the ferry either hit a wave at the wrong angle or found a very large fish in its path. But on the whole the crossing was "not too bad". So I have still yet to be tested by a bad crossing. Long may it remain so.

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