Monday, 2 June 2008

Telephone boxes

I miss the old K2 and K6 red telephone boxes. To many people, the red telephone box is as symbolic of Britain as fish and chips, a red London bus or a stick of Blackpool Rock. Sadly, like a lot of the attractive and iconic street furniture of my youth, they have disappeared from most of our towns and cities. Here on Lewis many of them have survived and most attractive they look. Incidentally if you want to go one better than me (and instead of just admiring them you want to own one) they can be purchased from various places such as British Bits. The current cost of a fully refurbished K6 with interior is around 3,500. Alternatively, for around £1,400 you can buy a full size replica from Phoney Box.

Note that just above this box is a small ‘Telephone’ notice. You might think this a bit unnecessary with a big red box below it. However, the little blue notice will have been there since the days when the public phone was contained within the Post Office (on the opposite side of the road here). We have seen a similar old notice on a telegraph pole outside a garage, once another popular location for public phones.

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