Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Traffic Jam

GB and I went through Stornoway the other day and got stuck in a traffic jam. It lasted nearly four and a half minutes. Disgraceful. I don't know what the place is coming to....

I half expected the Stornoway Gazette to have a headline explaining the delay but it seems to have passed by the newsroom without comment.

This is the second traffic jam I've been in since I came to the island. The first was five cars deep at the roundabout by the Co-op and took all of forty-five seconds to clear. I wonder what folk who queue for hours each week on the M25 would make of commuting into Stornoway?

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  1. It's chaos up in Stornoway these days. We've even got roadworks.

    This bank holiday I had three cars in front of me driving home to Point. Three cars.


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