Sunday, 29 June 2008

The ALL-WHITE Dress Code

How far can you stretch the rules before you break them? Wimbledon has an all-white dress code. This makes clothing designers more and more inventive in terms of how they present their models (i.e. the tennis players!). So far this Championship we’ve had Federa in a 1920’s Fred Perry style cardigan and Serena Williams in a raincoat. But what about the players who bend the rules and have some colour on their clothes? How far will they be allowed to go before Wimbledon either degenerates into just another Grand Slam or they get made to go and change? Federa’s cardigan, for example, had gold piping on it.

Mauresmo had a blue top under her dress and a blue dart in the skirt. The argument that they could have been considered ‘underclothes’ hardly counts when they were visible 100% of the time. I find this bending of the rules good fun but please don’t spoil it and go too far.

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  1. SS,

    As random a sentiment you may think this is, I rather agree with you.

    Being a person who is aesthetically sensitive and tends to adhere as best as he can to color rules like "all-white", I am bothered by those who break the rules or worse don't bother at all. It spoils the fun.

    Also, the quote from the Walrus at the top of your page. Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland", correct? Are you a fan?

    pleasure to read,


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