Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Cast iron railings


I mentioned on my Hebridean blog the other day that I had been down Matheson Road, Stornoway, photographing the railings. That would appear a strange thing to do. Had I not been to the Stornoway Museum the other week I would have agreed. But the museum had a big display about the manufacture of cast iron and the fact that Stornoway has one of the best 'collections' of domestic cast iron in the country. It cited Matheson Road and Goathill Road as examples of places where they could be seen. Once one's consciousness has been alerted to the fact, it becomes obvious but until then I had blithely passed by these remarkably different railings and gates each day without noticing them.

These ae just a few samples of the railings, some of which are covered by Protection Orders to safeguard them from being removed.

Some other time I'll do a separate blog on the cast iron gates.

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