Saturday, 21 June 2008


I did a blog posting on Phobias the other day. It has since occurred to me that folk might think I take phobias lightly. I don't. I do however tend to take the approach that "You've got to laugh". When faced with problems it's either that or cry!

I was reminded of this phobia blog when both Fiona and Ann said they had a phobia about going through tunnels. I wonder if that has a name? Cuniculophobia, perhaps?

The Clyde Tunnel

Whatever it is called, neither of them would have liked the journey from Lewis to Pensby that GB and I made the other day. Our route included the Clyde Tunnel and the (new) Mersey Tunnel. The New Tunnel, as Kingsway is known locally, is only "new" because it was opened in 1971, many years after the "Old" Tunnel, Queensway, in 1934. Both run from Liverpool to the Wirral. There is also a railway tunnel which predates both of them having been opened in 1896.

The New Mersey Tunnel

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