Friday, 13 June 2008

Good Morning, Computer.

Good Morning, Computer.
Some people live with partners, some people live with children, some have pets and some live with computers. (Lucky ones like me normally live with all four). It's amazing how quickly computers have become a part of our lives and one which, in many cases, can be almost as much a companion as the other inhabitants of the house. When GB and I get up in the morning the first thing we do is switch on our Computers. In my case the sound is usually muted but GB's buzzes and whirrs and says "Ding, dong" (the Windows version of Good Morning") to him.

We then feed it a bit of information and an e-mail or two and in return it rewards us with our diaries and messages from our friends and relatives. We respond with more messages.
Then it's time to feed it our blog postings and check the blogs of our friends and relatives (and the odd stranger as well).

"What shall we blog today?", I asked the computer. (A question with shades of a children's book "Where shall we play today" by Gilly Meredith that I used to read to Bryony and Helen - Gosh, that was a while ago!) It didn't answer - so this is it...

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