Sunday, 15 June 2008

Bayble Pier


Bayble Pier on the Isle of Lewis forms the centre-piece of the view from my brother's kitchen window. Ever since I arrived here in early May work has been going on to finish a sheltered harbour behind the jetty. Almost every day a great big orange digger has been there - not exactly spoiling the view but not enhancing it. The work is now 95% completed.

The Chairman of the Bayble Boat-owners and Pier-users Association is Alex John Murray who lives next door to Dave and Pat. Alex and Dave can be seen below, testing out Alex's new boat in Bayble Bay, last week.

Alex told the Stornoway Gazette last week that the Association was looking for funds to extend the coastal road Northwards and identify ancient sites and fishing rocks along the way as the next stage in the project.

These aerial photos of the Pier were taken by the crew of the Coastguard Helicopter whilst on a training exercise.

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