Monday, 15 June 2009

A Weekend Ramble

Another early start to the day.

A Painted Lady butterfly was around the garden all morning.

A baby Water Boatman in the pond.

Yet another sunny day so I headed down to the beach again. It was absolutely crowded - well, Iain and Carol, David and Pat (and of course Briagha) were down there!


Now who can I go and shake myself over?

I'm not really that miserable - I hope! It's just that this photography is a serious business.



  1. Wonderful! Whew! Are you surrounded by amazing chunks of life, or what? :^)
    Fabulously captured moments...
    (You ARE very seriously focused, there...)

  2. Great shots all, but that first one is absolutely breathtaking.

  3. Painted Lady is really good, seen a couple round here this year. There must be a lot for them to have migrated that far north.

  4. Very difficult things to photograph are butterflies, have thought about designing some sort of chiller for them. Pop em in, take em out, perch on a plant and fire away while they are coming round. Don't want to damage them though.

  5. Sticking moths and butterflies in the fridge to cool them down and slow them enough for photography is an old trick and allegedly it doesn't harm them. But first you have to catch your butterfly and unless you have a proper butterfly net there's a chance of harming them in the process. That's not good for the photo or the butterfly. I have tried it with particularly active moths from the moth net but it didn't work. Either it wasn't cold enough or it answered that old chestnut about whether the light goes off when the fridge door closes. The dark makes active again...

  6. P.S. Your're as bad as me, Adrian. Don't you ever sleep?

  7. Yes three hours at a time, it's a long story, but had a fight with a helicopter some years ago. It won five nil. So get cramp if I stop in one position too long. No bother really, see more of life. I'm unaware of anyone dying from lack of sleep, plenty do from sleeping tablets. all the best Adrian.

  8. Oh, that looks such a gorgeous beach. I'd love a walk on the beach right now...

  9. I know what you mean about the phone. Lovely blue butterfly! And Adrian you can die from lack of sleep.

  10. Love the dog!!! Great post..busy busy you!! how do you find time..
    you have more blogs now!!


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