Thursday, 4 June 2009

4th June

There are worse views than this to wake up to at 4.45 in the morning.

The mountains of mainland Scotland were clearly visible across the Minch.

Not only is today the birthday of my big brother but, sadly, it is the third anniversary of the death of his elder son, Andrew. He is the cheeky chappie on the right in this photo, taken in 1976. The other cheeky chappie on the left is his globe-trotting brother Gareth who can be found anywhere from Barcelona to the Caribbean though, ironically, the last I heard, a couple of days ago, he was stuck in a traffic jam on the M74 for a couple of hours.


  1. Waauw what a view in the first pic! Wishing your brother a happy birthday!

  2. Great photos. Don't you just have to capture those mountains, to prove that they are there? I do. They look unreal, don't they? So far away, but there.

    Thank you for reminding me of GB's birthday.

    Such a bittersweet day for him, I would imagine.

    Love to you both,

  3. Beautiful kids and a beautiful view!

  4. I am not a morning person, but I would have gotten up to see that sunset. Great photos.

    I agree with Heather, this must be a bittersweet day for your brother.

  5. Co-incidences are strange and sometimes very sad too.

    My father died the day after his youngest daughter's birthday, and as it turned out dad insisted he speak to her while i was on the phone to her. I think he knew his days were coming to an end. :(


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