Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Simply Joyful Photos

Simply Heather now has a third blog.

It is, of course, worth a look and if you want to put bigger photos on your blog she explains how to do so in easy non-technical language. Enjoy.



  1. OH!!! Thank you, thank you! And, I am happy to know that you've peeked in, too.

    :o) happy heart

  2. If you don't want the hassle of going through Picasa to make the images bigger you can add them to your post in the usual way and then switch to the HTML view and change the CSS width value to whatever you want (you currently seem to use a width of 400px and the bigger image seems to be 476px). Be careful though not to push the size wider than the fixed column width which would screw up the layout.

    You would also need to remove the "height: XXXpx;" from the CSS so that the browser will calculate the correct value from the width.

    Personally I think it's easier than going through Picasa and it also means that you won't get the "From Rambles from my Chair" link under each photo which seems a bit redundant.

  3. I forgot to mention that even if you don't use a fixed width layout then you want to be careful about the maximum width you use.

    Many of use are buying smaller and smaller laptops/netbooks which have a screen size usually of only 1024x600. If you make the images too wide then people will have to start scrolling sideways as well as down and I don't know about you but that annoys me no end!

    Bizarrely on your new 103 blog the large image is too wide for my netbook, but instead of the page scrolling across it simply cuts the righthand side of the image off -- I get everything up to Going Postal.

    I agree bigger images are nice but it's worth playing around with different window/screen sizes to see what the maximum size for your layout to still work is. This would be another reason for just editing the CSS rather than going through Picasa as you can easily edit a post to change the CSS width but as far as I can see you would have to go through the entire process at Picasa again to change the image size.

    I'll stop sounding as if I'm moaning now and go do some actual work!


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