Friday, 19 June 2009

Google had a fit...

Google had a fit this morning. First of all it managed to overlay the blog posting with my 'Yet More Blogs' sidebar. Then it failed to post the two items scheduled for midnight on the Rambles and Words blogs. Thank you Adrian for worrying about me - it was good to know my missing post was noticed. It's a bit like the milk bottles piling up outside the front door. Hello, seventeen milk bottles - better check he's still alive and kicking...

Then Google wouldn't let me sign in.

And finally I got this on my comment moderation page for my Memories blog. Not being fluent in whatever far eastern language this is I decided it might be rude or selling something (especially as all five comments were identical!) so they got binned.

All in all a strange start to the morning.

The weather likewise was extraordinary. One minute it was calm with warm sunshine and the next it was pouring down. Then it went sunny with blue skies and green seas and then it went grey again. Then the wind got up. It's like having all the seasons in one in the space of half an hour.

Yesterday the sea was either grey or deep blue. Today it was green and turquoise.

One of the plants I have never been able to grow is Delphiniums. If I manage to get them past the slug food stage then the wind batters them and the flower heads are flattened in no time. Even if I stake them they break off. So when I saw these flowers beginning to come out at GB's I automatically assumed they were Monkshood (Aconitum variegatum) - a much hardier plant. Once fully out I wasn't sure what they were because they weren't hooded but they have white in them and all the Delphiniums I know have dark centres. A visitor to GB's commented that they were Delphiniums and sure enough when I checked that is what they seem to be, some sort of Dwarf Delphinium, despite the white. So I owe Anne an apology (and GB for misleading him).

I managed to write a few blog entries about books I've read recently and I'll schedule those to appear daily on my book blog for the next few days. Its about the only blogging that I find a bit of a chore but it's great to have a record for the future and I wish I'd kept a note of books read from my youth. I wonder what I'd think about those same books nowadays? I bet my views on life, the universe and everything have changed a lot over the years so this must surely have affected my views on what I read and how I feel about it.

And now there's rain on the way.

It's time for bed.... Sleep well, folk.



  1. Gee, I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad to hear of your problems with Google. I had almost come to believe I was a very special person and Google just had fits for me. ;)

    Love the photos. The shots of the sea are just gorgeous. The shot of the bee on the flower is what I hope to be able to achieve one day.

  2. Amazing photos. Love the delphiniums!

  3. Back on schedule then? Weather here not brilliant either, glad to see that even paradise can have it's share of rain. Nice sign, would make for a good close up or two with the muted contrasts, all the best.

  4. Living most of my life by the ocean, I totally "get" the changes in the color of the water! The way I first started my blog was the color of the ocean most of the time where I came from.
    Maybe the difference in the Delphiniums is being so close to the ocean??? Different species that thrives there? Let us know.
    I hope you are having a wonderful time there! Thanks for keeping us up to date!

  5. My memory banks will have been scarred for life. Yeah right., It's taken me all this time to remember Monkshood. My mindf will go into overload!

    Weather in Glasgow just as bad. Flooded roads yesterday.

  6. I'm jealous. I don't get comments in Asian languages.

    Gorgeous photos, as usual!

  7. The delphiniums look very similar to some of the ones I have called King Arthur, see

  8. ummmm love the photo of the sea. It is such a peacful sight even when it storms. The sea is overwhelming to me. Whenever I am by the sea or (as of late) on the sea, I feel totally at its mercy. I love the beautiful purple flower. So glad to be back from my 10 day adventure cruising. Always good to get home....and connect with friends....

  9. Beautiful view, beautiful flower.

    Thanks for the explanation of argy-bargy (sp?) I've wondered about it when I've read it.

    Glenfiddich - mmmmmmmmm

    Gazania - I like that plant too, and have put about a dozen along the drive as the deer don't like them (bonus!) and they are cheery little flowers.

    The photos of the lounge chair and the view - it's just what I imagine it should be.


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