Sunday, 28 June 2009


Life seems to be getting in the way of blogging at the moment. Which, as certain folk will quickly point out, is better than death getting in the way of it..... The main consolation I can draw from this is that life is giving me many, many photos to post on quieter days. And when the day draws to an end ----




  1. Perfect thought. I've been feeling overwhelmed with no quite writing time...why?? Well...because there are many things that go through my mind that I want to write of, every day...and with no alone time to do so. BUT - your words here speak directly to my spirit, a messenger you are today; telling me that not everything I may have to say is of value for the purpose of my writing and in these "not so alone" days, the thoughts are sifted out for the true message to come forth on "quieter days".

    How's that for a message?

  2. I hope all the 'life' that's getting in the way is fun and fulfilling. You go ahead and enjoy life. We'll still be here.

  3. Such gorgeous photos!!! I agree, there are days that I feel somewhat pressured to get something written and posted, and then I remember, it's supposed to be fun. No pressure!


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