Friday, 12 June 2009

Butts and pieces...

Following an interesting post by Pondside I decided it would be helpful to my readers if I put an 'I am here' map on my sidebar.

When we went to Uig the other day we had a look at some of Jenny's wood turning. It really is beautiful and the finish that she manages to get on the wood is very special. If you are ever on Lewis you absolutely must pay her a visit at Gisla Woodcraft.

On Wednesday we went to the Butt of Lewis. It is the northernmost point of the Isle of Lewis.

The Butt is the location for an abandoned lighthouse built in the 1860s and designed by David Stevenson.

Few people like having pigeons in their gardens and GB is no exception. But unlike most people who have Feral Pigeons his are Rock Pigeons - the original native species which is rare away from coastal cliffs.

Maps, lighthouses, wood-turning and pigeons - you can't get a much more diverse post than that. 'Rambles' is certainly appropriately named!


  1. The Butt of Lewis must be a ferocious place in the winter!!! I would LOVE to see pictures of that! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ocean, but I have the Utmost RESPECT for it!
    Love the map! I hope you keep that up! And how do you pronounce Uig?

  2. The fact that you post regularly and often means that there is always a good read for me when I pop by. So - the map - is that where you're visiting or is that where you live? I am getting better about the geography of the UK - know that the paternal ancestors came from Uist and can roughly pinpoint it.
    Your photos are beautiful - I especially enjoy the photos of buildings and town scenes - I guess I'm nosy!

  3. Thanks for taking me on your rambles, Scriptor. Those wooden bowls are quite beautiful-so warm looking, they just glow. I was about to write that I liked Lewis' butt but that sounds pretty rude, doesn't it? Anyhow, it's a pretty place, pigeons included.
    P.S. Are you near the Isle of Skye? I named my daughter after it, since my husband's clan originated there.

  4. Fascinating excursion! It is wonderful to be able to "tag along" through your great photos.

  5. Love the map idea. Very beautiful country.

  6. Yes 'a well rounded post' covering many topics.
    I am a great fan of woodturners, tried to turn my hand to it some years back. I could never be as good as I wanted to be so lost heart. Sold all the tools now.
    Super photo's as usual... you are certainly getting out and about on your hol's!

    Love Granny

  7. I live in Pensby on the Wirral, Pondside, - not far from Liverpool on the second map in the sidebar. I'm holidaying with GB, my brother.

    Uig is pronounced Oooig, Shabby Girl.

    Deedee, Skye is one of the Inner Hebrides, Lewis is in the Outer Hebrides so it is about two hours by boat between them. (The ferry actually takes 1 hr 40 mins from Skye to Harris which is the bottom part of 'Long Island'. Lewis is the top half of the same island.)

    Granny, your comment about wood-turning has given me an idea for a post!

  8. Interesting to see places that I have not been too. Despite the clear blue sky and the calm sea the photos have a cool feel to them.

  9. Those wood pieces are breathtaking! I wish I could visit that shop. :)

  10. Granny: I, too, gave up woodturning because I could not achieve the standard I demanded of myself. And the piano. And... the list is endless. I was told I was good at being boring. But now my SS/CJ tells me I'm not even very good at that. Woe is me.


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