Monday, 1 June 2009

How to

Read my Blog, of course!

There are not many people who enjoy ironing but GB is one of them.

It takes all sorts to make the world!

Is this sticking the little finger out the ironing equivalent of doing so when you drink tea from a posh cup?

(I'm worried that apart from accusing me of leading him astray GB hasn't taken the opportunity for revenge on his blog lately. I just hope he's not saving up some really horrific photo. )


  1. Ha! My type of ironing is a hot dryer! I hate ironing and I'm no good at it. My mom, on the other hand, loves it and is more than willing to help me out on occasion.

  2. So funny!
    When I was married to my first husband, he'd go to work in the morning and, I swear this is true, I would RE-IRON his shirts!!! Bored? Yes!
    But truly I didn't mind it then! Only if I really have to! Usually the wrinkles fall out, right? Ha!

  3. Very commendable of GB to be so conscientious. I agree the little finger position, is essential to a well pressed item!
    Once you have returned home.. there will be some very interesting posts on his blog! lol.

    Love Granny


    You'd better be paying attention when he clicks that button on his camera :)

    Really though...ironing can bring one a sense of peace, if they enjoy it :)

    If I'd iron anything, I might like it but very rarely do I wear anything that needs ironing...nor do I actually have time set aside to iron (I'd rather be blogging).

  5. This might be the posting that tips me over the edge! Fortunately I've never been the vindictive type otherwise....

  6. I love that someone else other than my huhoney doesn't mind ironing! A friend dropped by after a girls bowling night and we walked in and there was my huhoney ironing MY CLOTHES! She about choked and asked what in the world I had done with him to have him ironing??? NOT a thing...just LOVE I guess! hehehehe....


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