Monday, 22 June 2009

A Mixed Bag of Post

On Sunday, the longest day of the year, the sun rose from behind a low cloud lying on the horizon at 4.43 a.m. Even though it wasn't a true dawn because it had needed to clear the band of cloud I still love that split second when the sun appears. It is a special moment. Another day has dawned.

When is a weed not a weed? When, even though it wasn't planted, it is so good-looking that one cannot root it out. This Sweet Rocket is one of a couple that have grown up in GB's garden but who could mind a flower as beautiful as this.

There wasn't much wind first thing on Sunday so these pesky blighters were about in huge numbers. As Carol asked the other day - "Why did God make midges? What earthly purpose do they serve?"

I mentioned the banknotes the other day as being a reminder that I'm in a country with a different culture, customs and laws. Another reminder is that the bookshops have books in Gaelic as well as English.

Living somewhere like the Isle of Lewis with its one town, a local cannot walk the streets of Stornoway without meeting people they know. It's a lovely friendly atmosphere and what I especially love about it is how hospitable it is to off-comers. There is none of that 'Let's-speak-Gaelic-to-exclude-the-Englishman' feeling that you can get in parts of Wales. Never, in all my visits to Lewis have I felt at any stage that I was anything but welcome. Thank you, one and all.



  1. Beautiful. Wonderful post and descriptions. "The sun rose..." And there you were, at 4:43 to catch it on your camera.

  2. Stornoway must have changed. In the late nineties I used to dock there and remember Saturday nights being like the wild west. Sundays were quiet, the Wee Frees saw to that. I'll agree though that there was no discrimination everybody got hit.
    See you are still getting the sunrises, I miss them here, too hilly generally.

  3. Drinking in the wrong pubs again, Adrian!!! GB has answered your question about house numbers on his blog .

  4. Pretty little purple-y flowers - wonderful sun setting AND the book...oh, you should have picked it up because it is one of the sweetest little books I've found at the library.

    It's good to see the photos of GB, as well - looking chipper and in good health :)

  5. No thought it hadn't gone, then couldn't remember what I'd written. It'll come to you one day, all the best

  6. Thank you for your lovely comments regarding my health, on the mend now thanks. I have had a lovely read through your posts I have missed over the past few days. As usual some fantastic pictures and stories herein. I loved the one where Google had a fit and produced the Chinese messages for you.
    Love Granny


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