Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Planes and Fishing Floats

On Monday GB went off to the mainland for the day by an early plane from Stornoway airport. Except it wasn't early - it was fogbound at Stornoway airport for hours. Whilst I didn't envy him the reason for travelling (a medical appointment) I do envy his world-wide approach to going places. For me getting from Devon to the Isle of Lewis a couple of weeks ago was a major adventure - my once a year piece of major travelling. He trots backward and forward from New Zealand and thinks nothing of popping over to France or Spain for a couple of days. We may be alike in some ways but there are many ways in which we are as different as chalk and cheese.

Don't you just love computers? I like it when Google can't find something you are seeking and kindly offers you an alternative. Some times you had typed the correct thing in but it simply couldn't find it and the alternative is laughable. Other times a mistyping or a misspelling is helpfully corrected by the suggested alternative. But best of all is when it offers you an alternative and when you click on that it says it couldn't find anything on that subject. Duh!!!

It's mine...

No, it's mine...

Thank you Kate and Briagha for brightening up the evening. (And I suppose I should thank the fishing float since it played its part!)


  1. Hope G.B's reasons for the appointment are not too serious.
    I know what you mean about some peoples ability to go here there and everywhere with no problem.
    The entertainment looks fun, I trust they have their Equity cards!

    Love Granny

  2. ...was wondering what type of dog toy that was :)

  3. For Heather :-

    The large red float was found by Briagha. We were walking along the beach after a pretty hefty storm when she spotted it and literally dragged it about half a mile back to the car. You will realise what a feat that was, when I tell you that she was only about 6 months old at the time! Always has been a very strong lady!!


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