Thursday, 25 June 2009

An Evening Ramble

Thursday was another day of wonderful weather - about 23°C (which is ideal from my point of view) and sunshine from dawn until dusk. Even overnight it's not dark here at the moment - you could easily walk along the road by the residual light in the sky.

There were no midges around today but rather a lot of Horse Flies - this one is rubbing his hands in glee at the prospect of taking a bite into me.

If you enlarge this you can see he has pierced the material of my trousers. What he didn't know was that I had purposely rucked the material up so there was no skin underneath it. Curses, foiled again. Nevertheless, one of his mates got revenge on his behalf later in the day.

The skylarks sing virtually the whole day, sometimes parachuting down from high in the sky and at other times sitting on the numerous fence posts to sing their little hearts out.

Approaching Bayble Island on another evening stroll. This next lot of photos is out of sequence because I haven’t yet edited the photos from my four previous walks.

Bog Asphodel.

I must have been near an Oystercatchers nest or chicks because a few of them circled around me and piped away - obviously annoyed at my presence. Fortunately the ground is so treacherous (having old peat cuttings on it) that you have to look carefully before every step so there was no chance of treading on chicks or eggs.

Bayble Island - the end on view.

Shags, Razorbills, Guillemots, Black Guillemots, Fulmars and Kittiwakes all nest on these crags. I have left the two photos above large-scale so if you click on them you can see some of the birds better.

Coming out to check the lobster pots.

Razorbills floating around in the channel between Bayble Island and the headland.

This beautiful plant deserves a better name than Lousewort.

Looking across Bayble Bay in the early evening sunshine.

Bog Cotton was blowing in the force five wind. Fortunately that made it too breezy for the midges!

Cross-leaved Heath.

And the end of another evening ramble.



  1. WONDERFUL photos!!! Even those below. Don't forget to tell your following friends that you are my guest for tomorrow :) - I'll be posting it, probably while you are my 8:00 p.m. time. I will not wait for the silly blogger schedule updater that works so well (not)...and take the matter into my own clicking hands :).

    Excited to share my wonderful friend with the world - well, with those who peek in :)!!

  2. Some interesting photos today, horse flies are scarce here these days, not that I miss them. How do to get images to click larger? Very useful trick is that. surprised the oyster catchers didn't mob you, all the best A.

  3. Hi Adrian, if you upload large images in HTML they will slot into your blog at the max size set for the blog but when you click on them they will go to the full size image.


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