Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A Rambling Addiction

Last night I switched off the laptop at the mains as a way of encouraging myself to get to bed. Once the battery ran out I couldn't carry on. could I? Don't you believe it - I was blogging in my head whilst lying in bed at least an hour and a half later. I woke up, got up and started blogging. Now I'm typing with one hand while eating breakfast with the other. That's it. If there was any doubt before let there be none now - I AM ADDICTED. I think I'll set up a clinic for folk like me to dry out. All mod cons, great meals, spa, massages, pool, no need to go to the gym - but no broadband. Imagine it. Aaaaarrgh! My friend Pat and her daughter Kate have been sent to a virtual clinic by BT for the last few weeks. BT have managed to tell them a different story every day as to why their broadband isn't working and to promise them 'today's the day' they'll get it back. I'd ask you all to sympathise but there wouldn't be much point - they can't read your comments until the crisis is over!

But back to the subject of the clinic. Has anyone got a couple of million pounds (dollars will do) to help me set it up. Partner-who-loves-tea is a well qualified and very experienced psychotherapist so we could have our own in-house therapy sessions at a reasonable fee.

Fortunately I have only had one day of Broadband trouble here at GB's (am I tempting fate by saying that?) but I am having problems reading certain blogs. I have to alternate between Google Chrome to read Saz's and Fhina's Blogs and Internet Explorer to read certain others. Chrome loads my blog more speedily but, ironically, won't show me my comment moderation pages properly. I have to switch back to Internet Explorer for that...

At this precise moment I am delighted - I'm up-to-date in reading the blogs of my family and friends. That won't last long but I reckon the USA hasn't woken up yet and there's only a few folk this side of the pond daft enough to be up with the sunrise like me. (I bet one of my NZ or Australian blogger friends now posts just to keep me on my toes.)

"Oh No; Yawn! - Not another excuse for a sunrise picture."



  1. You don't need excuses CJ. Sky pictures are my favourites.
    Love the little yawner, looks like she is very politely putting her hand in front of her mouth.

    I too am a dawn blogger, and sometimes in the middle of the night too. People who sleep in late in the mornings, miss a super part of the day.

    Love Granny

  2. Interesting, I had the same problem, but switched to composing in Live writer and it vanished purely coincidence?
    I'm a Luddite still try and fool desktop by moving Icons about, now that makes you look more than sane.
    I always suspect windows explorer, google seem pretty good and have instant messages if they are having problems, certainly on Flickr, maybe that's not google.
    In a few weeks I will be on 3G now that does promise to be fun.

  3. I have to say that having been blessed all my life with a need for only 5 to 6 hours (very deep) sleep most nights, I would feel really cheated (and sometimes these days do feel cheated) when I wake up 'late' ie after 0630.

  4. Now, how on earth would I join the therapy room for blog addicts without the internet? hahaha I certainly could not fly to the UK to attend :)

    And, of course...you probably know that I fit the description you've shared too. Not only am I continually conversing with God through the day about life matters, but also about what to blog next :) Hey - that makes the addiction okay, right? hahaha-ouch

    I know when I should not be sitting here - and I pray for the strength to get off of my butt and get moving, the strength to overcome...

    All in good fun :)

    Great posting.

  5. Great idea with your "latest news" under-header!!

  6. Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful every time, unless they are obscured. Yours are lovely.

  7. How wonderful to be able to ramble and ramble and ramble as you do...and have everyone enjoying your ramblings. I need to sell everything I have and pack a small bag, (of course bring huhoney with me to keep me warm) and come live in your heavenly world. How did I end up in the desert when I LOVE the country! AHHH moment...I was born in Holland! It is in my BLOOD! At least I can visit.....

  8. Sir John, I am most honoured that you still love to come to see Saz and I - We're a bit like the terrible twins these days - Not like that beautiful baby on your blog, of course - What a treasure!

    Thank you so for joining us over at Mad, Manic Mamas (and dads!) - It is a pleasure to have such a prolific and wonderful writer and photographer to swell our writing ranks - Bless you for finding us - And I feel as if I've been on an early holiday now, with my time spent in the Islands with you - What beauty - Thank you so.


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