Friday, 26 June 2009

Early morning ramble

I'm going to be shattered later today. It's 1.15 in the morning and I haven't managed to get any sleep yet. It's hot and I feel as though I'm hyped up on either my drugs or caffeine but I haven't taken any more tablets than usual and not a drop of caffeine has passed my lips for days. Mind you, since I'm wide awake any way I might as well treat myself to a large coffee - would you like to join me?
This is what the sky is like at 1.15 in the morning. Brilliant isn't it. The street lights of Upper Bayble across the valley are almost unnecessary when it is as light as this all night.

I know this is a rubbish picture but I just wanted to make Adrian jealous. He was struggling to see what he was photographing on a night expedition down in Derbyshire the other night. Here it would have been so easy. That's not lights in the upstairs windows of the house across the road. That's the reflection of the sky at 1.45 a.m. It's light enough to drive without lights (though, of course, it would be illegal to do so).

And by 3 am one can see the mainland 40 miles away. N the end I got no sleep at all. I'm exhausted and in a bad mood - beware!



  1. Here I am, leaving a very cautious comment...hope you get some rest and feel better soon. I'm amazed at the light sky in the middle of the night!

  2. I'm scared :(

    Not really. Actually, I know that ridiculous feeling of the inability to sleep and the effects that it has on self and others the following day.

    Hope you can sleep better tonight. By the way, there are some wonderful comments under your guest posting today :) - and you say I'm popular...

    ♥ to you, my sleepy friend.

  3. It was such a muggy stormy night, I should think a lot of people all over were joining you in a midnight stroll to the coffee pot.
    Wonderful, how the sky looks at night in mid summer.
    Hope you don't get too grumpy CJ, I feel a bit sensitive this morning.
    Love Granny

  4. The first sunset pic is my favorite - stunning! Sorry you couldn't sleep - hope that the next night was better:)


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