Thursday, 18 June 2009

On Lazybeds and Leopard Tortoises

The weather changed and became pretty yucky on Wednesday morning. No, make that yucky without the pretty. But the garden needed the rain.

I realised that I have a stack of books waiting to be blogged on my book blog so that was one job to get done. Needless to say I got side-tracked by reading other people's blogs instead.

Having blogged about the expression argey-bargey yesterday on my word blog I promptly found an example of it when Mopsa's blog about her Devon farm led me to a posting about her two rams getting re-acquainted, during which "A bit of minor argybargy ensued."

I had an easy day and enjoyed doing a bit of research into lazybeds which are not - as you might imagine folk who lie abed until noon. They are a form of agriculture - see the word blog.

As so often happens I even managed to side-track myself doing this. I ended up reading a 1716 book about the Western Isles by Martin Martin, who described himself as a Gentleman. I've read it before, years ago, but it proved just as fascinating this time around. "Their plenty of corn was such, as dispos'd the Natives to brew several sorts of Liquors, as Usquebaugh...which at first taste affects all the Members of the Body: two spoonfuls of this last Liquor is a sufficient Dose; and if any Man exceed this, it would presently stop his Breath and endanger his Life." They don't make whisky like that any more - at least not legally! (Though I do recall a bottle of Glenfiddich that had a fairly devastating effect on me after my 21st birthday celebration.)

By lunchtime it had cleared up and the sun came out occasionally.

We called into the Garden Centre for bird seed on Monday. They had some pots of Scabious. I absolutely adore Scabious. I bought some little plugs of Scabious during the winter and planted them out just before I came away at the end of April. I wonder how they are doing? I wouldn't be surprised if they had become slug food. It seems strange not to have seen the garden for six weeks.

They also had some Gazania. Lovely aren't they.

Inside the garden centre they have pets. Chinchillas always seem pretty unexciting things to me. They never move and if you get a blink out of them you're doing well.

By contrast this Tortoise was brilliant. It kept coming to the glass to say hello to me. I'm not sure what sort it is - perhaps a Leopard Tortoise. I must ask next time I'm in there.



  1. Strange. I never really though about there being different types of tortoise. But then I never really think about tortoises at all.

  2. Now that's what I call a view from anywhere in the outer Hebrides. Restored my faith in the world, thanks. Title 'Skye and the Cullins from Lewis'?
    Thank you for posting was starting to worry, nearly nap time for me, all the best Adrian.

  3. Tortoise, Just thought that there were big, medium and small, bit like pants in M&S. We never stop learning on your post. Ta for the damsel fly clarification, the exceptions are probably just misclassification. Etymologists and politicians have a lot in common, never own up.

  4. Well, my Thursday morning is similar to yours from yesterday...let us see if the sun will shine later; although, I think not as says the weather man.

    My eyes shine looking at the beautiful yellow flowers...oh, the yellow's ⚔

    You always make me smile, SS! Thank you for your comment with Lucien's heart was warm with the thought.

    ♥ Heather

  5. Your first photo reminds me of a postcard I sent to my parents when I was a teenager - all you could see was gray fog. It was taken from the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, and was titled "Wish you were here to see this view."

    It only took me 3 or 4 attempts to learn that the view at the top of a mountain has nothing to do with the weather at the bottom.

  6. That is some rain! Love the bottles-- beautiful colors. Great shots all. The tortoise is very cute. Always enjoy your posts.

  7. Argey-bargey-that's a record by Squeeze, isn't it? Great term for an argument too! I love those little Chinchillas - they look like giant cartoon mice to me.


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