Thursday, 25 June 2009

Real life rambling

For reasons best known to itself Rambles scheduling isn’t working. Help!

On Monday I got a lift into Stornoway and spent a couple of hours in the library. I just love exploring libraries. I had GB's ticket with me so borrowed a few books to add to the stack beside my bed. I'll have to stay up here in the Hebrides for a few more weeks just to make inroads into the 'Books to be read' pile. I got the bus back hoping to see a couple of the townships I've not been through before. Unfortunately it was so wet and misty I couldn't see anything from the bus windows.

Tuesday began badly with news of family health problems. We are a right bunch at he moment with Brother-who-blogs having radiotherapy, Son-who-watched-films having an abscess, me with my usual problems and now Partner-who-loves-tea with stomach problems. At least the identification of what is wrong with her has solved the mystery of why she has been so exhausted for so long. My grandmother had a saying when we were all ailing - something about putting us all in a sack and see who came out first. Perhaps GB can recall the exact words?

On the good news front, Richard has passed all his first year modules and is safely on his way into the second year of his degree.

Tuesday and Wednesday have been absolutely perfect weather and so I have spent all my waking hours out walking. On Tuesday I went down to the jetty and then along the road to the junction of Upper and Lower Bayble, through Lower Bayble and Eagleton back 'home'.

After a couple of hours rest and a visit from Pat to check her e-mails (BT having lost her Broadband connection for nearly a fortnight now), I headed off again and walked to the headland by Bayble Island which looked wonderful in the early evening sun.

On Wednesday I walked down to the jetty again and then up towards the headland on the other side of Bayble Bay. I didn’t make it to the far headland but got as far as the first one with its little offshore islands.

I have decided to list the flowers within walking distance of GB’s and have reached 47 species without stopping to think. I wonder what the total will be.

In addition to the flowers there has been plenty of bird life to photograph.

A leisurely stroll back was followed by coffee next door in Christine’s with Pat and Kate. Christine had her leaving do from work on Tuesday evening and got lots of lovely presents and flowers including this perfect lily.

I’ve taken so many photos the last few days it will take me ages to sort them all. That's the sort of task I relish.



  1. Such a superabundance of things to photograph around where you are staying... and the natural lighting is perfect.

    Love Granny

  2. Cyber world giving us both grief today. Got up in the night as i had some software to download 500mb worth, 2/3rds of the way through, microsoft decided to update my computer. Started again, and forgot to disable Norton, sorted that and AOL threw a wobbly, so did I. Eventually installed the programme only to find it's no use to me. How i sympathise with you. In my case it would probably be easier to revert to pencil and paper, all the best once again some grand images, thanks.

  3. My mother had a saying about putting the lot of us in a sack but I don't remember just what it was. I think my mother had an adage to cover almost everything. I do hope the worst of it is behind you and your family members, and all of you will be having better days soon.

    This post has so many wonderful pictures. The one with the bird taking flight is just incredible.


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