Saturday, 6 June 2009

Ugh !

A stormy day in prospect.

Friday was one of 'those' days - at least, for me it was. I was up at some ridiculously early hour as usual, trying to make myself human for the day ahead. A couple of hours later I still felt bad so I went back to bed for an hour and got up at 7.45 a.m. I tried a cigarette, two coffees and three pieces of toast but still had to cancel my agreement o ivsit friends of GBs. It seemed a shame because as well as looking forward to meeting them and the trip across the Island, the sun had just decided to come out and the Force Four was lessening.....

I headed back to bed. Next thing I knew it was 4.45 pm and Jo was ringing about problem with our Sky (when is there not a problem with Sky?). I got up and had a coffee watching the Force 6 bring in the waves on the shore, half-heartedly contributing to the crossword. We watched the news in which the fall of Lancashire County Council to the Tories in yesterday's elections was a major story.

All in all a a day not to go down in my diary as one to be repeated in a hurry and yet... If we look for it (or, as GB would put it "Play the Glad Game") there are good things to be found in most circumstances.

A Force 6 may sound a bit yucky as one sits in the study with the creaking of its roof but occasional splashes of sunshine on the blue sea and crashing waves make a sight worth being alive for. Catching up with other people's blogs amuses me, educates me and, in some cases, makes me realise how minor my problems are compared to those of other people. Nor is it me sitting at home in Pensby on the phone trying to sort out the issues with Sky after a day at work.


  1. I have never heard of a Force 6, so I must ask...what it is? I'm guessing it is the number referring to a storm??

    And...were you battling another migraine? Was it from your cheese's and what have you that you've been so force-fully eating? I do hope that tomorrow will greet you much more gently, my kindred friend!

    Enjoy your evening :)

  2. I've enjoyed my visit to your blog, looking at your lovely photos and I do hope you feel better tomorrow.

  3. Sorry you had a rough day, but admire your determination to play the glad game. You rock! Hope you feel better soon. ;-)


  4. ah, but your photos are so lovely - at such odds with an "ugh!" !

  5. So sorry you weren't feeling well. Beautiful pictures, and I can just imagine cozied up inside while the wind and waves pounded outside!


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