Sunday, 28 June 2009

A day in the pink

What is it about pink I dislike so much? Considering I've been married to someone who loves pink for the last twenty odd years I still haven't grown to like it. The moment I open a blog to be greeted by a shock of pink I mentally go yuck though, like Deedee does for her cat, I defend the blogger's right to be who they are and express themselves how they will.

Jame in Philadelphia uses pink but at the moment I'd forgive her anything because she's taught me how to do a really great copyright notice on my photos. The above photo shows my normal copyright notice on the left and an enormous version of the new one on the right. Despite being enormous the one on the right show how much less obtrusive it can be.

I'm not bothered about people using my photos; after all, the internet is about sharing. But I'm vain enough to want the acknowledgement. It is noticeable that people who automatically acknowledge when they use other people's photos are the type of people to ask anyway. I suppose it's just their natural good manners coming out. (Of course, if you are a regular reader you know you have a blanket approval to use any photos you like.) The reason I love the posh version of the copyright notice is because it is unobtrusive but can be large and clear so I can use it on special photos that I might want to use in a competition or something should I ever get around to doing them. If you want to do a copyright notice like Jame's take a look at it and her comment under her brilliant photo of the Stars and Stripes.

One time I'm quite happy to see pink is when God / Mother Nature / Darwin or whoever chooses to use it as in this Ragged Robin flower.

And this clover which, though it's called Red Clover, is really pink.

Little girls can also look pretty in pink and I saw a lovely photo opportunity when GB and I were driving through Grasmere on our way up North a few weeks ago. A couple of teachers and about a dozen girls aged about five - all in different garments but all of them in pink. I decided it was not appropriate to photograph other people's little children and blog a photo of them. So that was a photo opportunity missed. How sad that one has to think of things like that in this day and age.

The above little ones are now old enough for it not to be an issue! The top one is Daughter-who-loves-food and she also appears in the background of the bottom one which has Daughter-who-takes-photos in the foreground.



  1. Lovely pics. I always enjoy your subject matter, graphic composition, and commentary. Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Enjoyed the post as always. Still don't know how to add signatures to batches of photographs.
    yes I found the same reluctance to take pictures of children on Saturday. Felt bad enough when I saw the people blacked up. The world is a strange place.

  3. There are places that pink looks wonderful and places it should never be (well, as I can see).

    On my not the place. Our bathroom was painted this awful shade of pink that could only remind you of a sick stomach, when we moved in. That did not last too long.

  4. Great post, S.S.
    Helpful and informative.
    ....and you KNOW I love pink and don't mind saying it!


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