Wednesday, 10 June 2009


GB took me over to meet Carol and Jenny at Gisla in Uig this morning. Not only was the weather beautiful but the company was excellent and their garden an absolute treasure.

There will be more than one posting about this trip but for the moment here are a couple of ruined buildings we passed en route.

The one below may not look much like the ruins of a dwelling but it is - it is the remains of an Iron Age dun like the one at Dun Bayble.



  1. These look like the sort of scenes that inspire water-colour artists.

    Glad you had a wonderful time with GB at his friends place. What a super brother, taking you to see all the sights!

    Love Granny

  2. You are a lucky chap, the hebrides are my favourite place in the world.Don't think I'd live their though, winters dark and grim and the prices CalMac charge would see me around the world. These photos capture the essense of the area.

  3. Jenny and Carol are absolutely lovely. I always enjoy going to see them and they just love Briagha - infact she is always given the run of the house!

    Jenny's workshop and products from it are a joy to behold.

    Glad you had a great day - thought you would probably love the garden.

    Love P x

  4. CalMac are much kinder now - vastly reduced fares and as for the winters - well just curl up with a good book or watch the sea crashing on the rocks below from behind glass - wonderful. It's not all bad either - we have some fantastic days in the winter and this year it was far better than in the south of England!!

  5. The first 2 photos brought back funny holiday travel memories. Most holidays when I was a child were spent in Auckland here in N. A day long drive from home in Wellington.

    Mum invented a game to pass the time. We had to find/see various things - e.g. 5 sparrows, 3 black cows, a goat, 2 green sheep..... and as many "houses for Dad" as we could. Yes, ramshackle and derelict old farm buildings that Dad could live in. Always wooden and/or concrete and with rusty corregated iron roofs.

    This past weekend we celebrated my Parents 50th wedding aniversary up in Tauranga. My sister is over from England for a couple of weeks more. I must remind them all of this old game!

    Thank you, thank you for bringing this back to me. Care and huggles from Michelle in Wellington xxx

  6. We used to play a similar game, Michelle, with red cars and things like that. But green sheep!! Never saw any of those...

  7. Ruins can be so much more interesting than places in good repair, can't they?


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