Sunday, 25 January 2009

Things NOT to behold

An angry pig
Sodom / Gomorrah (looking over one's shoulder)
The middle of the Gobi Desert without wheels
A Polar Bear's back teeth
White Cliffs of Dover from halfway down in free-fall
The Future
Windows error messages
A garden after weedol was mistaken for fertiliser
A large mushroom-shaped cloud
One's last penny


  1. Clever, funny, and thought provoking. Nicely done. ;-)

    (But I don't even want to contemplate what I don't want to see.)

  2. A tornado, from the inside

    An empty coffee can

    My hair in high humidity

    My kitchen, after my children have cooked something

    Satan's welcome mat

    George W. Bush - in any way, shape or form

    Try to top that last horror ...

  3. Oh, Lisa, how I identify with your 'kitchen after my children have cooked soemthing'. My 20 year old and his girlfriend made some soup last night. There are pans and dishes and implements spread about that I never even knew I had.


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