Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A bowl of eggs

Another instalment in my efforts to take you around our house and explore what one finds there.

This wooden bowl of semi-precious eggs is one of my little gems (if you’ll pardon the almost pun). It contains various agate eggs as well as one in a lovely pinky red which I thought was Rhodochrosite but on a website is listed as Fire Opal. There is also a Black Onyx one and one in bright green Malachite. The latter is my favourite, not only for its colour but also because it is the perfect size to use as an exercise ball for my arthritis.


  1. Bet you'd never have guessed that we have some of these in our home too. Although, they're not quite as presentable; the boys like to do things with them.

    My mother was the one that kept them in a bowl; actually that's where ours came from. Thanks for reminding me of this ;o).


  2. These are so beautiful! I will have to look for some!!! Thanks for posting them!


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