Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Seven Random Facts about me

1. I like watching antiques programmes – even on daytime TV (sorry Pat). Perhaps it’s a vague hope that one day I’ll find my little silver cigarette box is worth half a million. I especially like the ones with auctions in them – I always try to guess what the item is going to sell for.

2. I have double vision. I have always had prisms in my spectacles but nowadays my eye muscles are affected by my neurological problems and vary from minute to minute so the prisms don’t solve it any more.

3. I love reading diaries. One of my dreams is to find a manuscript diary from the nineteenth century that’s never been read and to end up annotating and publishing it.

4. Despite enjoying experimenting with food my favourite dinner is a good old-fashioned roast with all the trimmings.

5. My principal hobby is photography and everything else tends to revolve around that – such as my love of landscapes, nature, insects, architecture. If it moves or stays still I’ll photograph it.

6. My biggest vice is smoking. Doctors say that if you suffer from chronic pain then smoking does not help. Chronic pain sufferers like me think it does. And, if I think it helps then it helps!!!

7. I get carsick if I read in a car!


  1. 1. I love antiques program(mes), too! We get a British program(me) broadcast here, and I can't recall the name right now ... But here we also have 'Antiques Roadshow,' a wonderful series on public television (viewer supported mostly, so few commercials).

    2. I don't have double vision but I do see "floaters." They look like microscopic creatures and drive me batty. I only see them outside, in daylight.

    3. I love diaries, too. Sometimes I look at eBay for diaries at auction, but they're always way out of my reach $ wise.

    4. I'm not much of a meat person. I prefer pasta and seafood.

    5. I love photography, too, as well as reading and watching intelligent TV (educational programming, mostly). But with graduate school starting again soon all my hobbies will be on the back burner.

    6. I've never smoked. I guess procrastination is my biggest vice.

    7. I've never gotten carsick from reading. I feel very lucky in that regard!

  2. Good stuff to know about you.

    My favorite is "And, if I think it helps then it helps!!!"

    You got that right!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I don't see (or notice) floaters like I used to as a child. I used to see them in the dark rather than the daylight and used to be unable to go to sleep because of them. I hated them - so distracting. I did once look them up and it seems they're the result of the movement of the oily surface on the eyeball - though how I could see that in the dark beats me.
    Must be really annoying seeing them outdoors.

  4. You know I always see blogging as the modern day equivalent of keeping a diary.

  5. Oh, I love Antiques Roadshow (and antique shows in general)! I haven't seen it (or any others, for that matter) in a million years, but it was always great fun to watch, especially the 'special' ones that went for $50000 or so... My violin supposedly appeared on that show eight years before I bought it.

    And I agree... It's fun to adventure, but the best food is usually the simplest one. (If you push it, it could be seen as a metaphor: you travel the world and find that your place was back at home all along, etc etc.)


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