Sunday, 11 January 2009

Google Searching

Isn’t it amazing how often we see things on webpages and just totally ignore them. A classic example is the Google Search. How often have you used it? And yet have you ever really explored the options.

Have you, for example, ever clicked on the Advanced option? Amongst other things it allows you to set exact wording, particular file types and so on.

Then there is the preferences button – that allows you, inter alia, to ensure that Google does not include any sexually explicit sites in its results. Great if you are searching for something like a photo of a Blue Tit (the passerine bird Cyanistes caeruleus).

In the image search there is a useful drop down box that enables you to search for photos, clip art, and so on.

So many handy devices that I often forget are there and which, no doubt, most users hardly ever notice.


  1. WOW!! I have never explored all of these options and had no idea they were there. I only recently discovered that there was a little comments spot next to each finding that is listed.

    Most often, I find what I may be in search for and that's good enough...but - now that I know I can be much more specific, all the better. Thank you much for this posting, John...

    Smiles today to you.

    OH...I saw your other post...I once upon a time smoked as well. Praise God this habit is long gone...Hubby's still working on it though.

  2. Interesting, I heard there are ways to get to "the top of the heap" on Google. Must look into it. Years ago when I was working, we were given Alta Vista, which I liked, and I still keep it as a standby.

  3. I love Google. Kinda obsessed with it I think - I do use a bunch of the of the features in the Advanced Search, definitely use Language tools a lot, and the papers/studies/, Google images, but I like some of the ones you pointed out. Have to check them out. Have you checked out their new browser Google chrome, its pretty neat. I downloaded it on my home computer, it quicker and overall just very easy to work with.

    PS: I do not work for Google, I have no stock options. I really am just an avid fan. :)

  4. Hi SSQuo, your profile says you are in marketing, so can I believe anything you say? My wife was in marketing at one time and I try not to believe her, ever. Seriously, it's lovely to have the various comments from you on my blogs, thanks. My brother is a Google Chrome fan and he may well convince me when we next meet up.


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