Friday, 16 January 2009

People are so skilful

It never ceases to amaze me how creative and skilful 'ordinary' people are and what a wonderful outlet the Internet has proved for some of those skills.

Without the Internet I would never have known about:-

All those writers who are clever enough to weave the tales of their 'ordinary' lives in such a way that you have to return to see how they are getting on. It may be a skill with writing style or with storytelling or simply with conveying their affection for their loved ones.

The wonderful photography of Lines and Willter. I have referred to Lines before but check out the photo on this posting of Willter's.

The ATCs of Julie and her friends. In fact, until recently I didn't know what an ATC was. For those who also were unaware of their existence they are 2.5 by 3.5 inch art cards created for trading (swapping) rather than for sale.

The painting skills of so many people. For example, just look at this cactus by Teri Casper. At first it seems a pretty ordinary painting but when you look at the shading and the detail it is really skilful.

The leatherwork of Ukrainian Bob Bassett.

It seems no matter where you turn there are people with special skills. What a wonderful world this is.


  1. Oh...thanks for the mention!!! What a sweet surprise! I have kind of fallen out of making any new ATC's lately, but you may have just re-inspired me!!! LOL. Thanks...I am enjoying your very diverse and interesting blog!

  2. Thanks from me also. Julie alerted me to this post. It's nice when someone else notices and cares about our art.


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