Saturday, 10 January 2009


A picture for Heather!

(Don't know where this came from originally so cannot acknowledge - sorry).


  1. :o> thank you muchly...

    I saw this and it led me to finding a photo of the bus one would see driving by my house. I posted it on my blog page...

    I've been on the road all day driving (1st my own, then a littler bus, then my own again)...busy running around, I was. But, I'm home now...getting ready to go watch "Horton Hear's A Who" with my guys. (We saw it at the theatre...but it was so good that we had to see it again :o>).

    So...yup, if I was in this bus; it would most definately hold the "wrong coach" sign with truth; mine is yellow ;o).

    Have a super day/night. the way...thought you'd be interested to hear that I also have a little (iron) wagon with horses, similar to that photo of the toy you once had. This one has lost much of it's fixings though...the boys played with it well. It had a cloth (covered wagon style) cover with metal holders. I still have most of it but it's not in as good of shape as it was when my mother gave it to us so many years ago. If I can gather it up, I'll post a photo sometime soon., I'm going to go watch that movie ;o).

    Bless you, my friend.
    ♥ Heather

  2. Thanks, this is the sort of inexplicably 'strange'photos, at the same time funny (ha-ha) and funny (peculiar); just the sort of enigma you want to keep on your photo files for that appropriate moment!


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