Sunday, 11 January 2009

Cigarette brands I once smoked

What a strange blog posting but I was in a nostalgia mood...

John Player Special
Benson & Hedges
Silk Cut No. 3
Silk Cut Extra Mild
Dorchester Light Superkings
Peter Stuyvesant
Rothman's King size
No. 6
St. Moritz (occasional)
Consulate (occasional)
Cigarillos (occasional)
Marlborough (occasional)
Camel (occasional)
Gauloises (occasional)

In addition I have smoked many other brands on an occasional basis. Each packet type evokes memories of a particular time and place. In some cases these are memories of a lengthy period but some of them are associated with one-off events despite being smoked a lot more frequently. No. 6 - Childwall Library; St. Moritz - College and one of my favourite girls; Marlborough - Silverstone for the Grand Prix; Cigarillos - late nights in a car in a certain lay-by; Gauloises - following meals of cauliflower cheese; Silk Cut No 3 - alone in my student flat; JPS - in a park in York and at a nightclub in Liverpool; Benson & Hedges - at the Fiveways pub. Memories galore....


  1. Interestingly I can see the word 'Picadilly' near the top right of the picture 'though they don't appear in your list. It was a box of 50 Picadilly Tipped which I had just bought and had on my office desk on the morning that I gave up cigarettes in 1968. It was an impulsive and spontaneous action and I threw the box across my office with the vow never to smoke another cigarette as long as I lived. I have never had nor wanted a cigarette from that moment. OK so I smoked a pipe and cigars on occasion after that but since I stopped doing that I've never had any urge to smoke. This is not a self-righteous comment simply a statement of fact. I have, after all, many other faults to compensate!

  2. I was a faithful Tareyton girl, with only a couple tries of Kents and Larks. 3 packs a day! I loved smoking, but after a few years I quit. I used to still crave it but a couple years ago, I smoked a few, and suddenly the craving was gone once and for all. Great idea for a post!

  3. I remember Kents. They had a white pack with a blue square near the top on which was a gold castle. Larks were unusual here but as I recall had a red pack similar to Pall Mall. I think I only smoked Kents and Pall Mall when they were other people's.

    Tareyton is a new brand to me - possibly they were only to be found in North America.


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