Monday, 19 January 2009

Our Plan To Take Over The World

I came across a news media called The Onion the other day. No doubt it’s well known to my American readers but it was new to me.

This article truly delighted me...
The above link doesn't seem to work for everyone! The article is at -


  1. Hey Scriptor,

    There appears to be a missing link behind "this article."


    It works for me! How odd...

  3. Doesn't work for me either (using Google Chrome Browser)

  4. Thanks for the added link in your comment. Cute article. Great point-of-view piece. It's clever, and I like clever.

  5. Can't work pout why the link isn't working for some - so I've added the page address -
    Interestingly that is different to my comment above but is the one in the link and works for me...
    I'm sorry I started this now!

  6. The link is working now. Something you did fixed it. Nice "jiggling."


  7. I am a fervent reader of The Onion!
    And, considering the ubiquitousness of those burs, their plans seem to be going fairly well despite the untimely demise of a few agents.

    (The link worked for me, I am using Firefox)


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