Friday, 9 January 2009

Sara's sense of fun

Before Christmas I ‘won’ (thanks to being the most appallingly wrong entry and getting the booby prize) a competition run by Sara.

My prize arrived in the post all the way from the USA and as soon as Jo and I started opening it we realised it just had to go under the Christmas tree and become one of the fun things to be opened on Christmas morning. And so it was.

Among other things, it contained the planets, a dinosaur, a cookie cutter, a whisk – oh, all sorts of things from Sara’s equivalent of the 50p shop (some had already been played with by the time Jo reminded me to photograph them so the planets were hanging up!).

Super fun and even into January we were enjoying the contents still as our Alligator hatched from its egg.


  1. Ha! We "hatched" a snake last week, with a similar kit. It was really gross! Congrats on winning!

  2. What an exciting bunch of things to play with. It reminds me of all the little treasures we'd find at my mom's house. She kept everything (an artist, you know).

    I followed the link back. My son and I were wondering what that stuff surely doesn't look like any coffee we have ever seen.

    It's so much fun exploring, isn't it though?

    Enjoy your treasures ;o).

  3. Sara passed away 3/28/2009


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