Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Philosophy for Life

With the exception of changing Emma's comment that we 'have only one life' to we 'may have only one life' I think the following posting by Fhina (A Woman of No Importance - allegedly!) is a wonderful tribute and contains a great philosophy on life.

The Moving Finger Writes...


  1. Followed your link and enjoyed the post. You were in my thoughts about the passing of your friend. I'm glad you found some solace in the words of Emma. I've found that the words of comfort most often come from the mouth of a fellow-sufferer, another member of what I call, The Fraternity of the Brokenhearted. It's coed and doesn't discriminate by age, etc.

  2. Bless you, Scriptor - You are a real treasure of a friend - Emma's words are perfect, but I am a pedant about my own peculiar writing style, hence the changes - I am also never right! Hence, a woman of no importance! I know you will know that my monicker is Wildean!


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