Thursday, 22 January 2009

There is always someone awake...

There must be a finite number of blogs that one can follow – even during a damp and dismal winter when I’m virtually confined to the house by health and the absence of a car. And yet the list of blogs that I find interesting just continues to grow....

No matter what time of day I am on my computer there is at least one of my blogging friends or acquaintances up and about, blogging or commenting. As another new posting appears in the side column of my blog I often try to work out roughly what time it is in that person’s world. Are they a morning blogger or an evening blogger. Or even, are they insomniacs like me, blogging in the middle of the night. For my own amusement, I have an Excel chart showing where people live – perhaps I could extend that to include a + or – hours column.

The one disadvantage of the spread of fellow bloggers (USA, Canada, UK, Finland, South Africa, New Zealand) is that if I go away from the computer for a while - perhaps to do something weird like sleep or read or converse with real people – the unread blog postings pile up. Worst of all, if I’m poorly for a day I come back to find the world hasn’t stopped while I’ve been away and it can take me ages to catch up with what people have been doing.

It is lovely to wander around the world. But, when the Spring comes, walking, gardening, downloading photos and sorting them will complicate the equation. I may have to manufacture some time. Does anyone have the formula for doing that???



  1. no formula...and I know, when I am away from the computer all day, it takes ages to catch up!

    I cheat a bit by the way, I find I am a night owl, and I have several posts that are in 'drafts' - as I finish these, I schedule them to post, usually for the next day...sometimes I schedule three days worth, right in a row!

    Don't worry about keeping up in the spring/summer - we will all be spending more time away from the computer then, at least I hope we will and I hope we will be doing things we enjoy!

  2. I also schedule a lot of my posts - which is why the main one nearly always appears in the hour after midnight (GMT) which, ironically, is one hour when I'm usually asleep.
    The first thing I do when I get up is check that it has posted (natural cynicism about anyhting to do with machines) and see how it looks. Despite using Preview I often spot a typo I missed or something that needs a tweak.

  3. These thoughts have also gone through my mind, Scriptor ;o). Really though, I think that we're forgiven if unable to catch up with all of them. Life in it's fullest exists in our own portion of the world and isn't it SO important for us to touch it with our hands, see it with our eyes, smell it with our nose, hear it with our ears, taste it with our tongue and use the many more God blessed inner senses as well? I often find myself torn between the desire to write, read and create (stationary life) vs. the desire to run, play and move (physical life).

    Right now it is 6:30 a.m. on my end of the world. I usually have time in the mornings ;o).

    Most likely, Spring and Summer will be calling to me out of doors as well...most definately. Right now, I feel like a bear wanting to hibernate in my warm den...I'm not a wintery play type of person. Maybe snowman making and a little sliding, but that's it for me...especially in these F-F-F-Frigid below zero days.

    ♥ to you, my friend over there somewhere ;o).

  4. The first thing I do is click on every blog that has updated and read them all. And then, maybe, I'll start a blog post.

    I can't really stop starting to follow interesting blogs I stumble upon--that's why they exist, to be read. An advantage of following so many blogs is that I am guaranteed ten posts or so per day. It's like reading the morning (or, in my case, evening) newspaper. The only difference is that it's mostly editorials. I find it very fulfilling.

    I suppose you could say that "the sun never sets on the Blogging Empire," because it's always a time of the day (or night) somewhere when someone begins to write a post.

    Once school is out and I'll actually have to forcibly detach myself from this cursed invention that is the computer, I might actually do something interesting for once. I don't know about catching up on reading, though... I'd say a 48-hour run without sleep could do it.


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