Tuesday, 27 January 2009


I am scanning our photograph albums into the computer. It is a long and slow job but it does give me a chance to travel back in time. This is a snapshot - if you'll pardon the pun - of the year 1995.

A family holiday at Meer Court, Herefordshire:-

Richard and I cycled along the old railway tracks to Nana and Grandpa's:-

A trip to the Trough of Bowland:-

An unusual self-portrait (plus Richard) using mirrors while having a coffee in St John's Precinct, Liverpool.

A fellwalk in the Lake District with Bryony and Helen:-

Jo and Richard at home:-


  1. GREAT photos, John. I know the long process and still have two boxes full of photo's untouched.

    I put together DVD slides with photos, writing and music for gifts...this too, a long process but SO well worth it ;o).

    One thing I catch from these photo's is an inner happiness and love for one another that you all have. It shows through the smiles.

    Again...GREAT photo's.

    &hearts to you,

  2. Great photos. I am especially impressed with the self-portrait shot with a mirror. That's really quite remarkable!

  3. Thanks for sharing what appears to be evidence of "A good time was had by all!"

    I've heard marriage advisers who say if each family kept a photo book, the divorce rate would plummet.

    Pictures generally chronicle the good times and serve as a great counter-balance to the present stresses.

    Lovely pics and family!


  4. Did you get the cats in 1995? I seem to recall that it was one of the years that we went to Meer Court.

  5. Yes, Helen, I think we got the cats that year. This was just a few photos from one album for that year - there are about four more for 1995 alone! (You can just see Susie? peeping between Jo and Rich in the bottom photo!)

  6. I need to scan my photos, too. Then I can torture family members by posting them to my blog more easily.

    Lovely photos!

  7. You have a beautiful family, John, and must be proud of such lovely memories captured as an insect in aspic - Lovely...


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