Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Baby, it’s cold outside

We are down to minus 2° (that’s Celsius in the UK – about 28.4°F) and it feels it. We haven’t been above freezing for two days now. The frost has stayed on the hedges all the time and the roads are icy. Seeing as we are suburban and near the sea breezes that’s pretty cold for us. I dread to think what it’s like feeding the animals on the Welsh Hills. (Talking of which you should see the brilliant ice bullets from the hose on Mopsa’s Devon farm).

I am forever complaining that we cannot see the sky from our house. Tall house, tall trees, tall hedges with tall buildings (Doctor’s surgery and nursing home) right up against our boundaries. Last night, sitting in the conservatory doing a late afternoon crossword with Jo I decided that the little spot of blue that I had been watching all day had turned a noticeable shade of orange. So I went upstairs, stood on the bed and literally hung the camera out of the top of the study window to see the sunset. Wonderful. If only we could see it without doing yoga!

Meanwhile, Jo is off to find her passport to visit Don...


  1. I'm so cold I can barely type - do you know the North West is officially the coldest place in the country right now. Brrrrrrr.

  2. We're at about 24 F today, so it's fairly balmy for a Chicago winter. A couple of weeks ago we hit - 30 F (factoring in the wind chill, so it felt like - 30 but actual temperature was about 2 F or so). Another "Alberta Clipper" (out of Canada) is supposed to broadside us over the weekend. That's truly bitter cold. Can't wait ...

  3. Chuckled my way through your post, and laughed when it ended with a link to my trip to Palm Springs. What's worse is I've just started a series of pictures on my blog that features a Dec. 27th trip to the local arboretum. We have flowers and fruit! (And 70 degrees F.) Sorry.


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