Monday, 5 January 2009

At the Chestnut Centre - but not their fault

D’uh. Like, this is the countryside! What happened to the notice about overhanging branches or did they have to cut those down because of the Health and Safety hazard? The world has gone mad.


  1. hahahaha

    Oh yes and what about jumping frogs, butterflies breezing by, watch out for the mosquitos and those pesky fly's.

    thanks for the smile ;o)

  2. How about, "Beware of fresh air."
    "Variances in temperature may require warming devices. (Do you have a sweater?"

  3. What, no warning about possible wildlife and insects? I'm appalled! I didn't realize things there were as litigious-oriented as they are here. People can't be trusted to have common sense anymore, it seems.

  4. Love the comments - I shall recommend to all the country's National parks that they have notices as you enter - "Warm clothing may be required in cold weather!"


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