Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Aaron and Crystle

One of my fellow bloggers referred to her computer by name the other day – Evil Edna. It reminded me that GB and Helen both have names for their computers (and made me name mine last time we were all together). GB's laptop, for example, which travels the globe with him is called Palin. Mine ended up as Crystle (the laptop) and Aaron (the desktop). I can’t recall why either name came into being. Indeed, I never really use the names simply calling the Desktop 'The Mesh' and the Laptop 'MY laptop'. Note the stress on 'MY' not just to distinguish it from Jo's and Richard's but to discourage them from laying hands on it. Indeed, I am far more likely to call them something like ‘The Blasted Computer’ or ‘The something-even-worse Laptop’ when they have a mind of their own and do naughty things.

Does your computer have a name?


  1. Most of our machines are simply named with the initials of the owner (so my main machine is MAG). But my new netbook is called Titch.

    When I was at university we had a couple of servers in the house and one of them was named Greenspring -- it was a portmantau word (there is that word again) of the surnames of the two people who ran it (me and Rob). We also thought about Oxwood but never got another machine.

  2. We have a habit of naming everything. We have an ancient and venerable Volvo named Phoebe (or the Phoebster). I also have a Dyson called Doris, she too has given up the ghost, but still lurks in the understairs cupboard, she's "Doris the Dead Dyson" now.

    We have a fraught relationship with electrical goods in our household. Our old telly was bought for £150 from Asda, it would only work if my DH would pick it up and drop it back onto the table where it stood, it just neede a jolt to get it going.

  3. hahahaha - I never thought of it, to be honest. I suppose my kid's call it "Mom's Computer".

    I do say "MY" computer very often. Hubby doesn't use it ever, he's secretly afraid of it ;o).

    Hmmm...I'll have to think about this one, to name or not to name it...we shall see.

  4. All our computers have Japanese animal names. The ones we use most often are our laptops: Mimizu (meaning worm, often abbreviated by us to Mimi) and Nezumi (mouse, abbreviated to Nez). We also have snake (hebi), hippo (kaba) and wild boar (inoshishi). The laptop cables are known as Nez tail and Mimi tail (we don't do anything by halves)!

  5. Nevr thought about it. It's trade name is MECER, which is made here (ie southern hemisphere about 30°E, 30-something S), but when you look inside it's parts are mostly the same as all the others. A friend who is not keen on IT calls it uprintable names, as do I when things go wrong --"this machine" is the nearest I can get; the perverseness of inanimate objects prevents any more. MECER it is......

  6. No, it doesn't, but thank you for making me feel more sane (if only by comparison). jk


  7. Hello DD, I love the idea of Doris the Dead Dyson that definietly sounds like something Helen and Ian would have come up with - in Japanese, of course.

    Ian, I thought my brother and I were the only people who used the 'perversity of inanimate objects' any more but when I looked it up not only is it commonly used but it is attributed to lots of different authors. I must do a blog on it sometime....


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