Saturday, 17 January 2009

Me, Me, Me

I enjoy some of those blog postings that make you think about yourself. Jen had one on her blog the other day and I have copied it, inserting my answers.
I Am: very lucky
I Want: an end to bigotry
I Have: a fantastic family
I Wish: the world were not so noisy
I Fear: running out of money
I Hear: a lot of sadness in the world
I Search: to give everything a name
I Wonder: why people fight
I Regret: not asserting my independence more
I Love: harmony, my family, truth, and justice
I Always: try to do too much
I Usually: enjoy myself
I Am Not: healthy
I Dance: when my wife forces me to
I Sing: in the car, to accompany the radio
I Never: forget though I may forgive
I Rarely: argue
I Cry: for the people left behind
I Am Not Always: patient
I’m Confused: by the standards of other people
I Need: to write, to read, to record by photographs
I Should: look after my body better
You, You, You: What do your answers look like? :)


  1. Scriptor, wonderful answers!

    They really made me re-think a few things...


  2. I saw this on Heather and Jen's blogs really liked seeing all the different answers.


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