Sunday, 8 February 2009

What make is this?

I came across this photo of a car climbing the Newlands Pass in the Lake District while looking through my slides.

Does anyone have any idea what make it is? I have a feeling I should recognise it but it doesn’t spring to mind.


  1. I am very puzzled. It has the bearing and bonnet of a Riley but it is not an RMB or RMD series so it must be pre 1946 and possibly around 1937 when the Kestrel was made (a smaller car than that shown but of similar looks). I would put a modest bet on it being a Riley.

  2. Yes, thanks - I knew you'd recognise it. I've just looked at the 1955 RME and it's quite similar. (This link may not work for ever because it is a site selling classic cars.)

  3. Thank heavens you're getting help from reliable sources - I'm useless with makes and models of cars. The only thing I can say is that is the kind of car I'd imagine myself roaring around in if I were to take a driving holiday in England.

  4. Oh yes, Pondside, how wonderful that would be. Chauffeur driven for me, of course. Probably with wooden dashboard and all the trimmings of early 20th Century luxury. (I'd probably have some modern suspension added to it though!)

  5. What a stylish car! Those were the days....and it may still be going, collectors keep these cars for ages.
    Thank you.


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