Friday, 13 February 2009

Our first television

This is my Mum and our first television. Unlike some of our friends we didn’t get a television until 1960 and it was hired from Radio Rentals. Note the black and white picture – colour wasn’t launched until 1967 when BBC2 ran a pilot series of test programmes. I had already left home for college when Dad got a colour TV in about 1970 but it was great to come home in the summer holidays and watch the Formula One Grand Prix in colour. I think the screen on my desktop computer is bigger than that!

This is Dad with the TV we had in 1977 – still a rented one but so much more modern! He's smoking a cigar so it must have been Christmas!


  1. Oh my gosh! Look how close you had to sit to watch it!
    TV's...a double edged sword.

  2. More great memories. The first TV I saw (not ours) was a 13" black and white of course.

  3. How wonderful to have these photo's of your parents. The warm smile on your mum's face and the sweetness of your father's...priceless to have.

    The t.v.'s brought back my own memories. We had black and white to begin with, then came the old color t.v. with it's strange little dotted colors. You could see them if you sat really close (I did that :o)...yes, I did).

    We also had a remote later on that clicked very loudly. With this same television, you could change the channels by tapping silverware together...I thought that was quite neat :o).

  4. How interesting, I too put a photo of our tv on my other blog, then I saw yours. It's interesting that it wasn't the focus of attention that it is now. Most rooms are now designed around the tv so everyone gets a good view.

  5. To see Mary's TV - see

    I'd never been to Mary's 'other blog' before but have now added it to my sidebar. It's really interesting.

  6. Mary has got some interesting sites, Scriptor, thank you!

    The TVs are just fascinating - and we always rented when I was a child - It was just 'the done thing'.

    Your mother looks very elegant, and your father very relaxed!

  7. I'm so happy you posted those pictures. Wonderful, wonderful shots of a time and place and those dear people.


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