Monday, 2 February 2009

Scanning slides

I have been scanning some more slides into the computer; it's a slow process. They were taken during the period 1963 to 1984. After that I moved onto print film and then, more recently digital photography.

The box I was looking for in the loft was my photos of The Wirral but when I opened it the contents were mammals. Oops. Another example of lazy boxing up of slides after a slide show years ago. Still, I thought I'd share some of them.

This Red Fox was a wild one which I came across a few times while I was a voluntary Warden at Ainsdale Nature Reserve. He gradually got less and less shy. One day, not long after the above photos were taken he got really close as I was eating my lunchtime sandwiches. I didn't want to scare him off so I didn't reach for my camera and just watched him out of the corenr of my eye. The cheeky thing pinched my plastic lunch box! He ran off and then dropped it, eating the contents. Forever after I was delighted to be able to show people his teeth marks on the edge of the box! Well worth missing part of my lunch for.

This Hare was at Altcar - a couple of miles from where I lived in the late 70s'. At the time Altcar was best known for the Waterloo Cup, a hare coursing competition which is now, I'm glad to say, illegal.

The Hedgehog was a garden visitor in Formby and the Red Squirrel feeding from my hand was in Formby Pinewoods.

All the above mentioned places are on the Sefton coast of Lancashire in the UK.


  1. What a great story about the Red Fox! He really fel comfortable coing around you...even if for just a moment! Great photos...your blog is such fun for me to read!

  2. Fantastic! That fox had probably been thinking about your lunch and winding up his courage all night to finally grab the lunchbox!

  3. Hello, I like your nature photographs, and had a look on your website too -- what an interesting collection you have! What scanner do you use? I also started scanning my slides, using a Canon 4200F; it's amazing how well Kodachrome & ASgfachrome film lasted, kept in a protected place. All my pictures pre-1998 were taken on film, and I'm very sorry I didn't keep more of them -- I never dreamt I'd be able to work with them again. Yes, digitizing them ia a very slow job, the 4200F only takes two frames (or four negs) at a time.

  4. Hello Ian,
    It's an Epson Perfection 2480 Photo. (Probably no longer on the market!) It only takes two slides at a time and is oh, so slow... But then results are good. My brother uses a Canon for scanning his in but I'm not sure what model.

  5. Scriptor, that fox is just magnificent and I would have loved to tell the tale of him nibbling my camera case! Wonderful!

    I am so with your thoughts on your 'Serious Post' - I would be totally beside (and not even behind) you on your wish... I trust you are having a fruitful day, even if it is no longer filled with wise (not-so-old) owls, such as you, Sir!

  6. What amazing memories you have and having been able to be so close to these critters is a gift. Such a gift. A gift of experience to you and one to share with us, so many years later.

    Thank you so very much for sharing these, John. They are wonderful photo's. That Fox is beautiful! I also love the sweetness of you feeding the squirrel. They're all wonderful...every one of them.


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