Thursday, 26 February 2009

Been busy

Been busy the last couple of days and decided to take a morning off. Won’t bore you with the details but my heart (the physical one) told me it would be a good idea. So I caught up on some blogs. In the process I noticed that Google Blogger had sorted out the Followers problem but in the process had lost two important facilities.

Firstly one can no longer display all one’s followers in the sidebar – you have to move from page to page of them. Secondly, when you visit someone else you no longer see automatically if you are following them since it gives you the options Follow or sign in irrespective of whether you already follow them or not.

So, I have a question. Why oh why, whenever software engineers (or whoever is responsible for these sort of changes) 'improve' things do they have to get rid of aspects of the service that folk found useful? I liked seeing at a glance whether I was following someone and I also liked seeing all my followers displayed in one window.

And while on the subject of followers to this Blog can I just say – welcome! I don’t know how some of my new followers found me but I’m glad they did and all are welcome.


  1. this is why you should never let software engineers have free time -- we tinker too much, and usually not for the benefit of anyone but ourselves!

  2. I can confirm that you're currently following Helen at Home, but none of my other blogs.


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