Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Not long ago GB did a posting of some Bird of Paradise flowers (Strelizia sp.) in New Zealand. They reminded me that Mrs Davies, our next door neighbour when we were children, had one in her little conservatory. On the rare occasions that it flowered we were all invited around to admire it. On one of those visit in the mid 1960s I took a slide of it. I’ve just found the slide and scanned it in.


  1. These have remained one of my favorite flowers through the years. I lived in the state of Florida in the 70s and these flowers are common in that area. Nice shot.

  2. Hi Scriptor! I had only seen the orange blooms too, till we discovered this white one! They are both just so beautiful and amazing!!! Your orange one here is great! I think I want one of each type now!!!


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