Monday, 2 February 2009


I cannot recall what caused me to mention it but I said last month that I would post a photo of my owl collection. When we lived in a big old Victorian house they were scattered throughout the place and it was quite a task finding them all to get them together for this photo.

An owl by Richard, aged 5.

Since then we have down-sized and most of the owls have flown. I just kept the few that had sentimental value or of which I was particularly fond. No doubt you’ll see one or two of them as I gradually show photos of our ornaments and the things that make our house a home.


  1. How neat is this??? I adore owls! Here is an old post when I found an owl planter at a thrift store and it is still sporting the same plant on my front porch today!!! Click HERE if you want to see!!!!!!

  2. Nice collection. I have but a few turtles. Is it because they are wise you collect them? (My turtles remind me that in order to make progress, like the turtle, you must stick your neck out.) What's the story behind the owls?

  3. Hi Don, I like the look of owls - it was qs simple as that in the beginning. I think it is brilliant that artists can represent them in so many different weays and yet they are always recognisable as owls.
    Julie's super planter is a classic example of that - round body, round head, two eyes and yet what else could it be but an owl!


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