Thursday, 26 February 2009

Following (part 2 of 767)

OK – so I now realise that I have to sign in (again) to all the people I follow (each one at a time) and then I can tell next time I visit, if I am following them. So how was I supposed to know that without playing around?

And, when I logged into followers on my own site I found I had joined the blog 'Life Goes On and On and On'. No disrespect to Cloudmaster whose blog is probably excellent but I have never even seen it before, let alone joined it! The problems obviously haven’t been sorted – it has just been made far more complicated and unreliable....

Such is computing life...


  1. No idea why it's changed, or why we weren't either told or given the chance to keep it as it was.

  2. There wasn't a single word in that that I didn't understand. Strung together in the order that they appeared I was (and am) completely confused).

    Is this why my photo has disappeared from my comments on Helen's Blogs?

  3. Nice to see I'm not the only one unhappy with this mess. Some blogs are registering my comments either.

  4. Scriptor, you post so often, it's no wonder you have plates piling up in the sink, and it takes me ages to get caught up - Not moaning, though, honestly - Your pics of the children are really lovely, and I never knew about elm trees and their Tweety shape - You are so knowledgeable - it's as well you are chronicling so much, and scanning all those photos, there'd be absolutely no way they'd have a computer powerful enough to download all your knowledge and intellect, even if you could get the right Scart cable!

    p.s. I don't like the new Blogger changes either...

  5. hahaha - no, I'm not laughing at you...I'm laughing at me (ok..and you) :o)

    I should have read this before I wrote my blog this morning. I haven't done any looking into it other than I added myself to my own blog, which made no sense to me so I cancelled that. I really don't think that we were suppose to do anything...maybe I found out and they've de-bugged the issues since you did (?) Don't know.

    I see that you've added yourself over there to the side :o) I wonder if I need to.

    I was wondering if this was going to be a bit like twitter, where we can share our thoughts...I'll look more into it later. No time today...of course, by the time I do have to do it; you will have figured it all out probably :o).

    I appreciate you!! Not because you'll have figured it out before me, but because you are you. :o)

  6. Now you are a software engineer, or at least have discovered one of their main "tools": it's called "playing with the software." That's one key way of finding the "features," both the documented and undocumented ones, of the software.

    (said Don, the former systems engineer.)


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