Wednesday, 25 February 2009


My scanning of slides has slowed down a bit - and not just because of decorating. Firstly I realised that a lot of them had dust on them that was ending up on the scan. I now brush each one with a soft brush before scanning them. Secondly, I found lots of other things were getting behind. Like washing the dishes! There is only so you can leave the baked bean sauce on the plates to develop penicillin (and despite what Son thinks it is less than three weeks!) And thirdly, and most importantly, my labelling of the resulting photos was fairly haphazard. I wasn’t bothered about typing errors or putting in dates. In conversation (e-mail conversation, that is) with Younger Daughter, I realised the importance of labelling them a bit better. So I am doing that.

Still, I always knew it would be a long process and I am thoroughly enjoying it. After that, it will be back to scanning in our photo albums and the boxes of odd prints. Wow, what a task I have set myself. I’d better not be claiming on that life insurance just yet...

Some of the photos are ones I haven’t looked at for years. All in all the standard is pretty satisfying but many of them are little more than blurred mementoes. What has really delighted me has been the memories of things that I would have completely forgotten without the photo to jolt my memory - like Older Daughter helping in the garden in April 1980.

During the first few weeks of Helen’s life I stayed home, using my annual leave (no paternity leave in those days), so that I could look after eighteen month old Bryony. It was May 1980 and the shone almost every single day.

Older Daughter and I played out and gardened for much of the time. A safe and easy birth (I can say that; it wasn’t me that did it), a healthy baby and sunshine almost every day – great memories.

This photo is a classic sample of Helen being watched by Bryony as she did her wibbly wobbly crawling act. She would crawl great distances shaking her head from side to side in a manner designed to create automatic neck ache in any watching adult.

September 1982 and Younger Daughter demonstrated her ability to fall asleep anywhere in almost any position. In this case with one foot in a welly and one in a slipper – we’d been trying one her footwear when she fell asleep.

This was New Year’s Day 1983 – a rocking horse day for Younger Daughter.

Have a nice day!


  1. All of those photos are adorable! I am impressed by the quality of the slides--and the photography!

  2. Great photos. I especially enjoyed the one where she's sleeping while trying on slippers/wellies. I really admire that ability to sleep whenever, wherever. Very impressive - and cute!

  3. Great pictures. Like you said they are wonderful for jolting the memory.

  4. It saddens me to see what I missed by living 450 miles and a (then) nearly 4 hour sea journey away from my family. But, playing the Glad Game, at least I didn't live in New Zealand without (in those days) anything other than a postal service which took at least three weeks. Oh what progress in communications the last 30 years has seen.

  5. No reason to be sad. You saw more of your family than most people who live that far away would have done. Ands we have never been far from each other's thoughts!!

  6. I wish I could still sleep anywhere!

  7. I just love looking at these photos... what treasures! :)

    (Thanks for your well-wishes yesterday. After a very long sleep, I am feeling much better!)

    Hope your day is beautiful!

  8. Adorable girls :o)

    What kind of dogs are those in the first photo? They look wonderfully loving.

    I, too, enjoy sorting through the old photos; bringing back memories that covered with dust in my mind.

    Glad that you're able to clean the dust off and preserve your memories :o).

  9. Thanks everyone. My girls are, of course, the best in the world!
    The dogs, Heather, are Border Terriers. Lovely and loving but a bit yappy at times.

  10. Wonderful, keep them coming please. There are some photos that I remember from albums but also ones I have never seen. They all make me smile. xxx

    Incidentally I wish I could still do a plie whilst studiously watching something else for more than two seconds. I also echo Helen about being able to sleep anywhere at anytime, it would be a useful skill - although it certainly has the potential to get you into trouble.

    And I still love irises - just like my Dad!

  11. What sweet photos of your little ones! Great memories!


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